Valentine’s day breakfast

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Now this Valentine’s day breakfast will set the mood for a wonderful and romantic day. Celebrate your love and delight in each other. I know, we should not need a special day to remind us to appreciate each other.  But let’s face it this is a great opportunity for some relaxed fun and the stage has been all set by the media. It would be nice to give diamonds and that is great if you get some but nothing replaces time and thoughtfulness to set up the day to make it memorable.  Where better to start than with a Valentine’s day breakfast.

Valentine's day breakfast Heart Breakfast Gluten Free

Heart mold silicone
Silicone Heart Mold

I found this silicone mold at a local kitchen shop to help with the heart shapes.

To make breakfast go smoothly, you can make the base for the eggs the day before.

Ingredients for Valentine’s day breakfast

Base for the eggs

  • 1.  Three medium sized sweet potato
  • 2.  Half an onion chopped very finely
  • 3.  Half a cup of pepitas
  • 4.  3 eggs
  • 5.  1 tablespoon of coconut flour seasoned with salt and pepper
  • 6.  Chopped parsley (optional)


Scrub the sweet potato and boil them. When they are soft, pour off the water and cool them with cold water.  The skins should just slip off and then mash the sweet potato.

Stir in the other ingredients. The mixture should be quite firm that is not too sloppy.

Using your creativity or a mold like the one above form a heart with the potato mix and cook it in a hot pan with a generous amount of coconut oil. Don’t have the heat too hot or it will burn. As the heart of sweet potato starts to cook it will become firm enough to remove the mold and gently turn it over to lightly brown the other side. There should be enough for about four hearts. When they are cool cover them and leave in the fridge ready for your Valentine’s day breakfast.

Other Ingredients & Method to complete your Valentine’s day breakfast

Tomato – look for some firm round ones. Cut them in half and with a sharp knife carve them into a heart shape.

A slice of cheese to cut out a heart shape that is a little smaller than the heart shaped tomato.

Ham or bacon (nitrate free if you can get it)  to form an X under the heart.

Cooking order:

Have the hearts of sweet potato heating in the oven

Cook the bacon/ham and the tomato in the same pan using coconut oil to grease the pan

In another small pan with coconut oil place the silicone mold and put an egg in each upper side. Cover with a lid to keep the heat even. Cook to your desired amount.

Plate up on a warm plate.  That’s it, have a fun Valentine’s day breakfast. An added benefit of this recipe is that the pepitas have lots of minerals including zinc to tone up the hormones.

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Valentine’s Day Breakfast – Heart shaped

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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