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We are so excited to welcome you to the Blogger’s Pit Stop. You are important to us and we want to assist you to realize your goals.

Our Aim is to provide the best platform to share your posts on. We love the variety that you bring so that other bloggers can interact with top quality posts. Posts that add value to the reader.

Welcome - Blogger's Pit Stop

Just being here indicates to us that you are a blogger who wants the best for your blog. You want leverage to get ahead and we are here to help.

Because we want to build a community that shares and appreciates others, also making friendships we have introduced one main rule.

We expect that you will comment/share on two posts for each one that you put into the linkup.

It is good to be hungry to learn and to contribute. We want to see your posts and learn from you too.

What is Blogger’s Pit Stop?

This BYO post platform is provided for your convenience to share your posts, appreciate other posts, to learn and grow while getting to know other authors.

The awesome Pit Stop Crew help promote YOUR posts on THEIR websites, they may also comment on and social share them.

  • We will have features chosen by the Crew each week.
  • The most clicked posts also get to be featured.
  • Open Thur from 9pm ET(US) 12pm(AUS) and Closes Monday 3am ET(US) 6pm(AUS) Monday
  • We periodically have competitions   opportuniies not to be missed.


We have some suggestions to help you take full advantage of what the Blogger’s Pit Stop has to offer.

Welcome Blogger's Pit Stop


The Pit Stop Crew


Our regular awesome crew at this time is –

Myself, Kathleen from The Blogger’s Lifestyle

Julie, from Julie & Pauli

Menaka, from Simple Indian Mom

Sue, from Sizzling Towards Sixty

Roseann, from This Autoimmune Life

Elise, from Ask Dr. Ho

Would you like to apply for a position as a Pit Stop Crew member?  Growth Opportunity is Waiting for You.

We know you are super busy and time is precious. Please consider your time spent here as productive, motivating and value adding.

Honestly, if we are not helping you, we are not doing our job.

The Pinterest Blog Booster Board is a group board so let me know and I will send you an invite to the group board.

Welcome Blogger's Pit Stop


Tips when visiting posts

Go to a post that interests you, leave a comment if you appreciate it.  Don’t leave from that page, either click on another page or an ad e.g. a Google ad that attracts you, and leave the site.

Why leave in this manner?

  1. By all means, if you see an ad that interests you click on it, and the post owner will be thankful for the donation.

     2. Clicking on another page to leave the site.

I will explain this. It involves taking advantage of search engines.

I hear some of you saying that you don’t care about search engines or analytics. That is OK,  but not caring does not remove the effect this is having on your traffic.  As you would have found out by now, there is no silver bullet that blasts you to blogging success. It is a whole lot of small things that work together over time to get you there. It takes patience and consistency.

For those who have installed Google Analytics – click on Acquisition > All Traffic >  Source/Medium Look under the tab headed Pages Sessions, Look down at the 1 pages and then look across at the Average Session Duration and nearly every time you will see 00.00.00  This is because the visitor only went to one page. Even if they stayed on that page for 20 minutes, you would only be credited with between 0-10 seconds.

The 1-page visitors will give your blog a high Bounce Rate that waters down your statistics.  A high bounce rate gives the impression that your visitors are not engaged, they only visited one page. 

It does not seem fair, as the visitor may have stayed to read the whole page.  Fair or not, it is a fact that we have to work with.  To get around this LEAVE FROM A SECOND PAGE resulting in a lower bounce rate and higher average session duration.

Welcome Blogger's Pit Stop


Social Media

I was a slow starter into social media. It now takes longer to build a following when many of the media sites are geared to make money. I cannot bring myself to buy likes/follows.

Here is a method to get more followers/likes.

  • Follow/like all of the Pit Stop Crew – they will follow/like you back.
  • Your fellow bloggers at this rally want to increase their social media too. Follow/like as many of them as you can. If, after a week they have not followed back, go and unfollow/unlike them.

Follow this method and your social media will grow.

Welcome Blogger's Pit Stop



Yes, we have features each week. An awesome profit of being featured on the BLOGGER”S PIT STOP is that your post will get a good Do Follow back-link from the Crew. That means that you get a link from each of the Crew’s sites right to your site.  That has a huge impact on your search engine value.

Many sites that have features give No Follow links that have no advantage to you.

You can get our Banner for your site from the Link in the Blogger’s Pit Stop

Welcome – Blogger’s Pit Stop

Another wonderful resource for bloggers is our Pinterest Group Board. To join this board –  the Blog Booster Board and let me know and I will send you an invite to the group board.

Also our special RESOURCES  page

Come to the Blogger’s Pit Stop Rally every Thur from 9pm ET(US) 12pm(AUS) and Closes Monday 3am ET(US) 6pm(AUS) Monday If you need a reminder just leave a note in the comments and we will drop you an email reminder.

Thank you for reading and listening.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –