Why You Need a Business Card

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Your question may be, ‘Why would I need a Business card?’  I work online.  Good question. I am going to tell you why you need a business card.

Why You Need a Business Card

Business-Cards Why you need a business card


Before I went to a recent Blogging Event, I read as many posts as I could on how to prepare and what to bring to an event.  The one thing that was always mentioned, and what I was missing, was an up to date Business Card.

5 Reasons why you need a Business Card!

  1.  Going to an event where you are meeting a lot of other bloggers, it is vital to have a business card when a contact asks for one.
  2. It is a known fact that a good percentage of bloggers are introverts. I have read that after the exchange of business cards, it is an indication that the conversation is over. I found it easier to ‘break the ice’ if I asked for the bloggers business card early in the conversation. People love to give out their business card, and if you take their card, it is easy to offer your card. Quite often I did not have to offer my card as it was asked for as soon as I took their card.
  3. Wherever you go, it is easy to find ways to distribute your business card. Some coffee shops have a bowl to drop your business card into. Malls often have an information board where you can leave your card.
  4.  Meeting friends or new acquaintances, one of the topics that you blog about is quite likely to enter the conversation, giving you a good opening to offer your business card to direct them to your blog.
  5. Being a serious blogger, we are told to look upon blogging as a business right from the beginning. Why you need a business card is so that you look like a person who takes their blogging seriously. Don’t keep portraying yourself as a newbie, even if you are. If you have a physical media pack, you will need a business card.
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As I look at all the business cards I have collected it became apparent that some are more effective than others.

Some practical tips when designing your business card

One of the main reasons you use a business card is to give your contact details to the other person. Make sure that all of your contact details are in a font large and clear enough to read quickly and easily.

Ensure that you state what your blog’s focus is.  This is especially important if your domain name does not clearly indicate your focus. Sometimes new blogs will morph into a different focus as the blogger starts to recognize what they enjoy writing about is not what they started out blogging about. The domain name may now not clearly represent the new blog focus, so a short focus statement is necessary.

Some bloggers also put their social media accounts on their cards.

My personal preference is to use color; it helps your card to stand out from other cards. That is not to say that some mono colors are not effective; they are.

I was thankful that before I designed my card, I was advised to put my photo on it. Your photo helps the person receiving the card to relate to you and to remember you. I put my picture on the back of the card. Some of the cards I collected had the blogger’s photo on the front, and it looked very good.

Some bloggers used different shaped cards, and some made their own. Most of us want our blogs to do well without costing us a lot of dollars to set up and maintain. Producing a business card is important and worth the investment.

To keep costs down, I used Vista Print. If you keep your eye open on the Internet, you are sure to see a promotional coupon for business cards. Or just get an account with Vista and they will send you their specials and coupons. I used my design on their template for premium cards. I did back and front and a gloss finish. Along with postage, 250 cards cost me $45 AUD. I could have printed 500 for just a few dollars more. It is a little bit of a learning curve to manipulate fonts and sizes and position. In the end, I was pleased with the result.

The more we can look professional, be professional it will show through in the writing of our posts and how we represent our brand.Business handshake

Why you need a business card!  They are good for social bloggers who want to extend their reach. Business cards are recommended for bloggers going to blogging conferences. They are essential for bloggers working at generating income.

Compliment your blogger’s lifestyle with a business card.

Whatever your reason for blogging, enjoy your blogging lifestyle.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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