Yogurt Breakfast

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Our yogurt breakfast mix was recommended by a doctor who practices integrated medicine. We were looking to add some variety to our breakfast menu and so decided to give it a go.

Yogurt Breakfast

Yogurt Breakfast make the night before. Apple and sultana.


It is very easy to make and is made the night before, so it is lovely to wake up of a morning and breakfast is all ready to eat. This breakfast is very kind to the tummy, no bloating just peace 🙂

We have this breakfast at least two mornings a week.  It is a nice change from eggs. The other breakfast we have about twice a week is french toast on gluten free bread, we always look forward to that.

I make and use Goat’s milk yogurt, any plain yogurt that you prefer will do.  If you are interested there are links below that take you to the page on how to make Goats milk yogurt.

Yogurt Breakfast Ingredients

Goat's milk yogurt
Goat’s milk yogurt

Goat’s milk yogurt

Half to one chopped apple and a handful of sultanas.

Top with cinnamon.

An optional extra is to add a few finely chopped nuts. Note: not every tummy is happy with nuts, you don’t want to lose the tummy peace.

I make my goats milk yogurt quite tangy. If some do not like it quite so tangy just add a little Maple Syrup.

That really does add a nice flavor.

Method for the yogurt breakfast is simple

Yogurt in breakfast bowl

Place the yogurt in the serving bowl.

Chopped apple

Chop the apple.

apple and sultanas to the yogurt

Add the apple and sultanas to the yogurt

Yogurt ready for fridge and breakfast

Add the cinnamon, cover the plate with wrap and place the yogurt breakfast in the fridge overnight.

B yogurt 1C (3)

Next morning enjoy this healthy probiotic meal. The nice thing is that after eating this yogurt breakfast mix, there is peace in the tummy, no bloating just peace.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –

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Making goat’s milk yogurt

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