Yogurt – Rice and Prune Dessert | GF

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The rice and prune dessert is a very old recipe. I have added to and changed it a little to suit my lifestyle. The recipe is gluten-free and GMO-free.

It is so very simple and easy to make.

Yogurt – Rice and Prune Dessert – Gluten Free

Yogurt - rice prune dessert. Gluten Free


Yogurt – Rice and Prune Dessert – Ingredients

Servings – four – six

Where possible I use Organic ingredients

yogurt rice prune ingredients

1 cup of uncooked Basmati rice – rinsed (Read reviews or buy Basmati rice – Iherb)

1 cup of pitted prunes (Read reviews or buy pitted prunes -Amazon Newman’s Own Organic Prunes, 6 Oz)

2 cups of boiling water

1 dessert spoon Zero natural sweetener (My Zero Review)

Ingredients to add after the prunes and rice are cooked:

3/4 – 1 cup of plain yogurt – I use my own goats milk yogurt

2 tablespoons of Maple syrup (optional)

Yogurt – Rice and Prune Dessert – Method

Add the rinsed rice, prunes and sweetener to the boiling water. Once the rice boils turn the heat right down low and put a lid on it.

Stir occasionally, after 10 minutes see if the rice grain is cooked all the way through. If need be, add a tiny bit more water. When cooking rice, I like to make sure it cooks in all the water. Using a lot of water and then draining the rice can waste minerals and other goodness.

The recipe can be eaten hot or cold.

yogurt rice and prune bowl
Add the yogurt to the rice mix

Just before serving add the plain yogurt and maple syrup – stir it through the rice.

Dessert does not come much easier, from start to serve in 15 minutes.

I do like to top this delicious dessert with a little cream.

Yogurt rice prune and ice cream

I added some raspberry probiotic Goat’s milk yogurt ice cream for this photo.  The dessert does not need it. It has enough flavor without ice cream. I must admit that the addition of some pouring cream does complement the dessert.

I hope you like this Yogurt – Rice and Prune Dessert.

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