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Hello, and welcome to The Blogger’s Lifestyle.

I write about the blogger’s lifestyle because I have found it offers endless opportunities. I learn, I grow, I meet awesome people, make new friends, I have a voice and a means for an income stream. Whatever my interests or passions, blogging gives me the platform to express these things.

If you are considering a change of gears for the road ahead, the blogger’s lifestyle offers an exciting choice of options for setting up and developing a blog as a hobby or an income stream. I am available to help you explore these opportunities.

Look here to see how easy it is to start on your new road of blogging – How to start a blog with an easy step by step tutorial.

I am a wife, mother, grandmother and a blogger. Many do not understand the word ‘blogger’ so to them I am a published Freelance Writer.

I am lucky to be married to the love of my life, we have often said, ‘let’s make the second half even better than the first!’ We have had a very good first half.

Here is a quick summary.  We have two wonderful grown children, a son, and a daughter. Our youngest son died when he was just four years old. He still fills our hearts with joy and sadness.

We spent much of our first half working in nonprofit organizations. I have worked as a nurse and a practice manager for a medical clinic.  A real estate photographer. A literacy teacher, translator and managed an aid post in remote Papua New Guinea.  I have been privileged to live in several different cultures giving me a greater understanding and respect for others. It also taught me to laugh at myself and realize the necessity of a sense of humor.

Now we are making the second half even better than the first.

It started 2 years ago, we could feel a change was coming. Then suddenly the change hit, much quicker than we were expecting. We always had the mindset to not resist change, but to embrace it if it was beneficial. What a wild ride it was as we were tested on the ’embrace change’ statement.  For us, absolutely everything changed. We packed up our house and shifted interstate.

When the dust settled, we looked at each other and realized, ‘This is so awesome!’ At the time, while we were in the emotion of the change, it seemed traumatic. We came through it and can see that the change was all for good.

Before the big change, I had started a blog. I did not really know what I was doing, I did not know the difference between a Page and a Post page.  I wrote on several topics, I put in a lot of effort but without knowing how to get known or how to promote anything. I knew very little about social media.

After the ‘change’ I set about learning all I could about blogging, it was a huge learning curve.  I loved all that I was learning. However like all things, they keep changing, and my real life lesson in not resisting change has helped me so much.  Blogging is very popular both for those doing it as a hobby and those using it as a source of income. Because of its popularity, fearless leaders and entrepreneurs are out there pushing boundaries and finding better ways to achieve goals.  With the knowledge I have acquired about blogging, I know the learning will never stop because that is how we make progress.

I understand for a person who is new to or who is still contemplating the road of the blogger’s lifestyle, it can be overwhelming.  For this reason, I continue to make tutorials and video that will assist you in achieving your goals.

I am here to help and I am always adding resources to support and guide you as you make your dreams a reality.

Join us – we uplift and encourage each other –



You honestly never cease to amaze me. When I read your pages I ALWAYS learn something I didn’t know…always.

Shellie- The Fabulous Journey


Kathleen, this is an incredible post, and information that I never looked at in quite this way before.

Terri – Perspectives on Lifestyle and Leisure


Thanks again for all your support and encouragement – it’s been a blessing finding your blog x

Leanne – Cresting The Hill


Kathleen , I always am learning something useful from your post.

Mary – Thrifty on Thrifty


I always learn something from you Kathleen! Thank you for always being so generous with your knowledge.

Sue – Sizzling Towards Sixty

Organized 31

What great insights. Trying to figure out where to invest limited blogging income is critical to further success.

Susan –  Organized 31


Thanks Kathleen – you do an amazing job!! So many amazing resources.

Tracey – Water into Wine


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